Secmotic is a company aimed in R&D projects, and IT development, which offers services of specific software and hardware development, primarily related to cloud computing, machine learning algorithms and solutions based in the Internet of things. Muvone, the company’s main product, is the first wearable device for effective osteoporosis prevention linked to a smart cloud recommendation system, helping users age well and improve their bone health.

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TeiaCare is an Italian digital health company with the aim of transferring technology and innovation knowledge to nursing homes. Their ambition is to improve the quality of residents’ assistance, support professional caregivers and make nursing homes advanced environments. Ancelia, the company’s first product, is a contactless solution based on Artificial Intelligence that transforming regular nurses in a super nurses. It supports professional caregivers in the improvement of the quality of assistance through preventive actions and residents’ personalized care.

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DataRiver is an innovative SME specialized in developing innovative software solutions for Clinical Data Integration & Analysis. I-DAP project is based in the development of an Innovative Data-Platform for Medical Device safety monitoring that exploits Semantic Data Integration and Big Data Analytics techniques to improve medical device post-market surveillance, providing the identification of previously unrecognized Adverse Drug Reactions and a continued surveillance of medical devices throughout its use.

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iBMB is a spin-off of the University of Basilicata, and now an innovative startup in Potenza. CAPTURE is the company main product and combines diagnostic imaging with assay data in order to develop predictive mathematical modeling of histological dynamics in avascular tumors: an in silico platform for clinical and pharmaceutical cancer research and therapy. Clinicians will be supported in the process of optimizing cancer treatment by ad hoc in silico trials (Virtual Reality).

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MOODIKA is an innovative start-up that develops and offers solutions and services with high technological content and socio-cultural and economic impact. smartDONOR® is a multi-sided platform for blood donors and organizations , which supports the blood transfusion system in achieving and maintaining the self-sufficiency based on voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation.

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ORYX focuses on the development and application of movement technology with the aim to improve quality of life, improve healthcare outcomes, enhance sport performance and reduce healthcare costs by making people move better in less than 30 minutes.

The company main product is ORYX GO!, a tool which supports the healthcare professional in its decision making regarding mobility related movement issues

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VicarVision develops state of the art solutions and products for computer vision.

We have a special interest in perceiving people’s behavior. FaceReader™ is the premier product for automatically evaluating emotional expressions in the human face and is used by over 700 institutes worldwide.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No.731391

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